Top 10 languages of the World

Gathered by Kamie Petersen

Despite the world being large, the number of living languages has continued to decline. There are however, languages that have topped all the others by the amount of people that speak them.

10. Lahnda

Lahnda has 119 million people that speak this language. Mostly spoken in Pakistan.

9. Japanese

A little below 128 million speak Japanese. The primary country that speaks it is Japan.

8. Russian

154 Million speak Russian. The Russian Federation is the leading country that speaks it. 18 countries speak Russian, including Kazakhstan, Belarus, and the US speak it as well. It is an official language recongized by the UN.

7. Portuguese

With 223 million speakers, there are 15 countries that speak Portuguese. This mainly because the Portugese have been known in history to be explorers.

They established colonies in countries such as Brazil, Mozambique, Macau, Angola, and Venezuela.

6. Bengali

With 243 million speakers, this language has become the main language spoken in Bangladesh.

5. Hindi

India is a country that has a huge population. With 260 million people that speak it living in India, the film industry has become popular partly of the language.

4. Arabic

With an estimate of 315 million speakers, spoken in 58 countries with Saudia Arabia being the leading country. It is one of the oldest languages of the world. And is spoken primarily in the Middle East. It was recongized in the 70s as an official language in the UN.

3. English

378 million people can speak English in 118 countries. This language continues to grow especially in business and in education.

2. Spanish

Spain has a different dialect of Spanish then Mexico. Spanish has many words that were used in the English language.

1. Mandarin

Surprisingly Mandarin Chinese is the number one language of the world. This language has 1,299 million speakers in 38 countries.

The language is an extremely complex language to learn, because of it has complex tones, which sound similar to one another.

Resources image created by Kamie Petersen