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  • 水-碧蓝之牙
  • 火-红莲之瞳
  • 风-疾风舞者
  • 雷-黑夜之刃
  • 土-赤色岩拳
  • 无主模式
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  • Complete
  • breakthrough
  • Knives
  • Esoteric technology
  • People column force
  • Blood following clearance
  • Sigil
  • & Puppet avatar
  • Enchantment
  • Shield
  • Kiba
  • Sand Hidden
  • Hidden sound
  • Implicit fog
  • Hidden Cloud
  • Hidden Rain
  • Hazy hidden
  • Implicit grass
  • Rock hidden
  • Implicit soup
  • dawn
  • shadow
  • Uchiha clan
  • Senju clan
  • Hyuga clan
  • Nara Family
  • Mountains family
  • Autumn Road family
  • Whirlpool family
  • Hitomi surgery
  • seal
  • Complete
  • water
  • fire
  • wind
  • mine
  • earth
Chased state
  • Complete
  • Small floating
  • Large floating
  • Ground
  • repel
  • Fixed body
  • High batter
Resulting in state
  • Complete
  • Small floating
  • Large floating
  • Ground
  • repel
  • Poisoning
  • ignite
  • Blindness
  • Fixed body
  • confusion
  • mark
  • High batter
  • paralysis
  • Seal hole
  • Sleeping

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Blackie Tian empty,□ o O Ling color ぃ "city"Aries wind,Your father was crying,Nono,╰ absolute ﹎ "ferret" confusion ╮,Muzi Li,ホ,Kirigaya Kazuto,.,Fengying Piaoxu,Dian miss the dawn,Flying Cloud,And other sunny, Joyful,. ,Dream,B A heel plan Si Dam ヘ seek heel pain. ,,Understand whatKishimoto Nobuo,My name is Chen, my heart sank ℡ Dian Shu,I swallowed tears the Queen,Grain, Kuma,I wanted something that did not cut,Majestic Bru,Khon ㄚ ò industrialization ⑦ Wa,Still remember you,A dream of a cycle, Dian,Struggle For Progress, This user is offline, Dogs do not look on the dog.,Good life happy,Wandering the world,Zhao Jiadong,To treat stars Steve,I'm the world's most ugly brother,Morning Rain,Black Head Extreme sublimation me empty,Movies の bloodthirsty,soul,Drug dealer, Mark,Real & ly ;,^ O ^ の micro tears & laughter ^ ω ^,Zhangke Tian,Not happy, loyal love,Small and big tease tease than than,Shuai fruit (□ □ _ □) □,Big eyed monster,Who chop,Like to see this number,Loaded to force struck by lightning,Dian San discredited her,listen? Who? ,Love Hua, ╰﹊ world ⒈ wipe stray,Xiangxi Xiangxi vortex Naruto,do not know,legend,People too cold, not too good,Memories good as amnesia #Moon ℡ ℡,﹏So Xiangxi Dian low-key,I was Yuwen extension,HAPsat,Sunsolt bow Shucouchangdian,One with a sword,Tonight you'll haunted house,NanKe no longer ,,Max-hero,** Heart language,Stars fall sky change,Hello,Clouds definition,Epicurus,Shuigan Dong I like the people I killed him,1377378170,Devi l,498 984 017,Sunshine pig,Just tired ~い Xi Corning death ga purple sauce,Shu Huo Huo Shu recalls Teenage Dream,           , Handsome to no friends !!!,   ,.,Traces @Zeus 4399,Kingly 2,A desire to be filled heart,TFBOYS Xiangxi tomorrow Hello,Dian icing,Li Xi,Luo Sirong,Diablo,* Pie shook situation,ζ ghost eagle, Riffraff era,Crazy boy, LRX,...,4399, emptiness,2568752730,Wang Zhenyu,Bombed entertainment "stolen EXO,Linghu Lan Ling, on the way\',Are you happy emperor clock ah,Ding times [Ninja War],Sunshine at me like a baby,Ei (▔, ▔) ㄏ, Addictive ﹑,zzZ.,Staring at the stars,Nn dim ζ},┈┾ War,PT,lkadkk,If Ching Yun,A person's coffee shop,U su ma ki na ku シ,- -,I love you '; worried about you, Boyhood. ,A Taoxun,May Day,Flying Monkey .D. Road,Walk, way of life,Now, the sun,If the heart sunny, Mo flowers,Dragon world,A sand waterfall Gaara,Shuai force,Pie poetry open * e brother,No sun sunny,Eternal love,Seamless,Madman greatly,The passage of time.,Ah Xin,Rain; so why stop? ,* __ *,D \ "beer bottles,She smiled and smiled and started to cry,Deadpool,I say goodbye,Who Controls,Cloth are Royal soul,cq,Hee T swastika e music,Ping * love ^ O ^,: Rui,Rebellious teenager,べ Xiangxi. Dust ↗,Love ~ indifference Wu Pie loveless | ent,╰ qi ink wind ╮,"You're just not human"Feng Yi,Micheal J,Huo Dian whom withered flower festival,Yuhi by the wolf,Swire Yamashina,good boy,~Understand invincible,★ Super Star Luo war ★,Mr.Li,45545655,I jump back,Notch,Yakult AJ┩,Ma Tianli,Corner onion,Small rightPseudo Gentleman,To youth,Moruo °,I was full of sad lemon,╭ young ℡ only the roots of mad |,Hello trouble i,Blink is the day,51718,Sacred siesta,2310300139,Sword,Wang prison God,Noah wind Identity [Hide]
    [Prompt] whirlwind surgery
    The front of the enemy attack, causing a certain probability repulsed , was repulsed the enemy will hurt the back.
    Approach Cooldown: 0 Round Cooling time: 0 Round
    Chasing: None Cause: None
    Consumption chakra: 0 Dian  
    Pass it reveals: Serpens
    The front of the enemy attack, causing a certain probability repulsed , was repulsed the enemy will hurt the back.
    Ninja battle bonuses

    Life 0
    Attack 0
    Defense 0
    Ninjutsu 0
    Resistance 0

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